September 13-15, 2024
Parola Gallery Atrium, UPCFA Diliman

About MIF

Driven by the shared vision of creating a dedicated space for Filipino illustrators, Manila Illustration Fair is in its second year this 2024!

Organized by MIF 2023 artists and friends, we’re excited for MIF to be an inclusive space for community building, connection, and empowerment.
We’re especially interested in giving young illustrators who are still trying to break into the industry an opportunity to showcase their work.

With this year’s MIF taking place in an educational environment, we want to foster the opportunity to learn from each other. Through our program of auxiliary events, we invite everyone to explore how illustration is its own, dignified practice. After all, illustration doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

We believe that the fair should be a safe space for artists of all backgrounds and contexts to present themselves and their craft. View our statement on inclusivity here.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor/partner, get in touch!