September 13-15, 2024

Application Guidelines

Manila Illustration Fair is open to all illustrators from any background. We’re especially looking for artists with fresh, original voices.

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  1. Application is open to local Filipino artists based in and outside of Metro Manila, including international artists. The open call is open from May 27 to June 7 2024 (GMT+8).

  2. 30 illustrators will be shortlisted: 15 from Metro Manila, 10 from outside Metro Manila, and 5 from outside the Philippines.

  3. The table fee for artists based outside Metro Manila (but still within the Philippines) will be waived! 

  4. Applicants must submit a PDF document containing a short bio and 5 illustrations and their titles. Descriptions are not necessary. When submitting, please name the PDF following the format “Name_MIF2024.pdf” (ex: Jim Lopez_MIF2024.pdf)

  5. Plagiarism is not allowed.

  6. Works made through generative AI are not permitted.

  7. Applicants must be respectful and politically sensitive in their works. No bigotry will be tolerated.

  8. Original illustrations are preferred. Up to 2 works that are considered fan art will be allowed for the application, but we’d like to prioritize clearly seeing your voice as an artist so original works are encouraged. 

  9. Failure to follow instructions will lead to disqualification.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What do I need to apply?
    You need a total of 5 illustration works, and a very short writeup about yourself. That’s it!

    Q: Can illustrators using any medium (traditional or digital) apply?
    Yes of course! However, if you plan to submit a sample your work on traditional mediums, you will need to scan or take a photo of your work to be uploaded on the application form.

    Q: Can collectives or groups apply?
    Collectives and groups may apply, but please note that if you are accepted only up to two people can be at your table to man it at any time. This is to avoid overcrowding.

    Your work as a collective/group must be unified, and be presented as having a clear common ground in terms of themes, concepts, and/or techniques. We’d love for you to showcase your creative synergy.

     Q: Can I apply with a friend or friends under one name + application, and share a table with them?
    No.  You must already be an existing collective or group that has an existing body of work showing your creative collaboration and synergy.

    Applying as separate artists under one entity for the purpose of sharing the table makes it tricker to feature you and your work individually.

    Q: How will you be in contact about the results of my application?
    We’ll be sending the results (regardless of acceptance or not) via the email you used to apply.

    Q: When will I hear back about the results?
    Mid-July, barring any delays! We’ll be in touch regardless.

    Q: Can I edit my application after submission?
    No. Please doublecheck your application for any typos and wrong information before pressing Submit. If we’re unable to contact you due to a typo, we may have to move on with your application.

    Q: Do I need to physically be there for the fair? Can I just have an assistant or friend as my proxy?
    You, the artist, are expected to be at the fair. However, you’re free to bring an assistant or friend to help you with the booth logistics.

    Q: What do I get for participating in MIF 2024?
    You will have your own table, two chairs, and a backdrop to hang or display anything you want. You’re also free to attend any talks, activities, and workshops during the event itself. It’s actually up to you what you want to do at the fair and your space, as long as you participate and showcase your works. If you’re selected for the shortlist, we’ll be providing more info on what to prepare for the fair itself directly.

    MIF will provide you with a dedicated platform (online and in person) to showcase your work and yourself as an illustrator, and a network/community of illustrators to help you grow their practice in the future.

    Q: What are the table fees?
    Metro Manila - PHP 2,000
    Filipino artist outside Metro Manila but within the Philippines - Free
    International - USD 100

    Payments will be made upon confirmation of your slot.

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